YO! Sushi launches vegan menu as fishless sushi goes global – vegconomist

April 5, 2022


YO! Sushi has introduced a new vegan Sakura menu for two at all of its locations across the UK. The international conveyor belt sushi franchise continues to expand its vegan offerings, with the new menu for two comprising seven courses and costing £25.

The new YO! Sushi Sakura’s plant-based menu includes a choice of edamame, mushroom teriyaki, faux duck rolls, loaded gyozas, vegetarian volcano rolls, red pepper dragon rolls, and DoughChi. The company offers a wide range of vegan items on its menu and at the 2015 PETA Vegan Food Awards, its Tofu Katsu Curry won the Best Vegan Curry category.

YO!  Sushi
©YO! Sushi

Vegan sushi

Vegan sushi is at the forefront of the alternative seafood movement, with fishless sushi making its way into chain restaurants around the world. On the plant side, Current Foods — formerly known as Kuleana — makes sushi-grade vegan seafood from ingredients like radishes, peas, bamboo, and seaweed.

In precision fermentation, Aqua Cultured Foods creates sushi-grade whole muscle fillets and recently announced new advances in its fermentation technology to double its biomass production. Meanwhile, in the world of cell-cultured seafood, US company BlueNalu has partnered with Japan’s largest sushi operator to supply cultured tuna.

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