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The Yamamoto Senko is so popular it can sometimes be hard to find, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all bait as everyone has their favorite colors and lengths.

Fall is one of the best times to fish them, as the fish move shallow and begin to pack the food bag for the colder weather ahead. The bass can’t resist Senko’s sensuous sashay as he plummets through the water column. The plastic consistency of the Senko and the precise salt infusion process make them different from other lookalikes on the market. The Senko is a sweet bait.

The Senko is one of the simplest yet most versatile baits ever built and can be fished in a variety of ways. Texas and wacky rigged, weightless cast, Ned or Neko rigged or even freaked out with a heavy weight there aren’t many baits that catch fish as effectively as possible.

In our final giveaway, 5 Wired2fish followers will win a stock of one of the best bass fishing bait on the planet. In this package for each winner will be the 5 and 6 inch Senkos, a Ned Senko bag and a 7 inch Speed ​​Senko bag handpicked by the folks at Yamamoto in their best colors. Each winner will receive 5 bags.

This giveaway ends November 1, 2022. Good luck!

If you are having difficulty entering via the form below, click here to enter: Yamamoto Senko Contest

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