Why it’s a good idea to grill fish with the skin on

Although most fish are tasty, not all are created equal when it comes to human benefits. Generally, the healthy fatty oils you get from eating the flesh of a fish are also present in the skin. Health Line recommends eating low-mercury fish such as salmon, tilapia, plaice and cod, noting that mercury levels can be present in the skin as well as the flesh. In a Epicurean interview with Mark Usewicz, chef and co-owner of Mermaid’s Garden Sustainable Seafood Market, he expresses a similar preference for eating extra-crispy fish skin from species such as plaice and salmon, as well as sea bass, snapper and mackerel.

In addition to the well-known health benefits of eating fish in general, eating fish skin may also help maintain healthy human skin, according to Healthline. It contains vitamin E, which can protect your skin from sunburn and can help improve eczema. Fish skin collagen may aid in hydration, elasticity and potential resistance to wrinkles. Since fish flesh alone is generally low in collagen, according to Fine Food Magazineleaving collagen-rich fish skin on while cooking can coat and lubricate all of the fish with healthy collagen.

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