Wholesale Margao fish market in a sorry state

October 24, 2022 | 05:33 IST

Wholesale Margao fish market in a sorry state

I happened to visit the wholesale fish market in Margao recently and was extremely disturbed to experience the very pathetic situation.

Upon entering the market, one is greeted by an area that looks like nothing but an open sewer. I have done site visits before and I would simply rate these outings as bearable. However, the current condition has fallen to another level, which can be described as the Third World.

People flock to the wholesale market, hoping to get a bargain for their fresh bulk purchases. It is very unfortunate for the common man to live in such a polluted and unsanitary place and moreover, it is even very difficult for the people whose work revolves around the place.

It is worth mentioning that a new complex is in preparation, however, the concerned authorities have not made any alternative arrangements to improve the current conditions. The place lacks basic facilities for drainage and sewage control.

In some places there were ankle-deep puddles containing standing mud, further exacerbated by recent downpours. The above conditions are ideal for the spread of vector-borne diseases and given that fish and other food items are handled in the establishment, this raises a big question mark over the type of seafood, which ends up reaching our homes and our plates. Is this the example of what is called “Shining and Smart India”, projected everywhere? What do elected officials and nodal bodies do? The ordinary citizen does not deserve such a pathetic experience. Develop basic amenities first.

I was also surprised to see a lone visitor from Europe in the market and just wonder what kind of message this gentleman will take home. There is no doubt that Goa is losing the cream of international tourists to other value-added destinations, namely Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. On the bright side, the market displays a variety of seafood and if properly developed and managed, it could be used to attract tourism like the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

I request the authorities concerned to please visit the site urgently and take immediate action to remedy the problems.

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