Weekly kitchen market: Hilsa, tomato, cucumber become more expensive

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05 November 2022 13:47:59

Prices of almost all basic necessities, including vegetables, eggs and rice, remained unchanged, with many retaining the previous record high in the capital on Friday.

However, the price of hilsa saw a slight rise in the city’s kitchen markets and fish markets despite the improved supply of delicious fish in the markets that day.

Some vegetables like red tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd have also become more expensive in kitchen markets.

Prices for the main vegetables, namely brinjal, bean, pumpkin, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, potato and green chili remained static on the day compared to last week’s prices.

Prices for some basic necessities like flour and edible oil remain static, maintaining the previous rise.

Prices of other staples, including rice, soybean oil, eggs, onions, lentils and meat, maintained their previous highs, kitchen market sources said.

Speaking to FE, SM Abul Kalam, owner of Brothers Motsho Bhander at Jatrabari wholesale fish market, said the price of domestic fish had increased by Tk 50 per kg.

There is a shortage of supply of large and medium-sized hilsa as the mother fish go to sea during this time of the season after spawning, he added.

Billal (one name only), a Krishi market trader, said that day that prices for all types of chicken remained static compared to the previous week.

Rasel (also a name), a trader in the same market, said broiler chicken sold at Tk 190 per kg, Sonali at Tk 320 per kg and the local variety of chicken at Tk 500.

Sources said the price of chicken is likely to rise further as hatcheries have raised the price of day-old chick to Tk 40 from Tk 25 each. In addition, the price of poultry feed is also showing an upward trend.

Egg prices remained stable at Tk 140-145 per dozen (per 12 pieces).

Prices for most rice varieties also remained unchanged as miniket was selling at Tk 73-75 per kg, Nazirshail at Tk 83-91, coarse varieties at Tk 48-55 per kg and bulk rice. was available at 130 Tk. -135 the kg.

Speaking to FE, Rakib Hossain, a private service holder, said traders were giving different excuses for the recent rise in prices of basic necessities.

Mr. Hossain said that currently he and his family members are struggling to survive on very limited income.

Most vegetables have become more expensive despite hopes that the supply of winter vegetables would help ease price volatility in markets, he added.

Maksud, a retail vegetable trader at Krishi market, said Brinjal was selling at 70-80 Tk per kg, bitter gourd at 70-80 Tk, cucumber at 70-80 Tk, beans at 80-90 Tk and cauliflower and cabbage were available at 50 Tk. -70 kg according to their sizes and varieties.

Potato was marketed at Tk 30-40 per kg, local variety onion at Tk 55-60, local garlic at Tk 40-45 and imported garlic at Tk 135-145 per kg, a- he mentioned.

Bulk flour (Atta) was sold at Tk 55-58 per kg, packaged Atta of various brands at Tk 58-62 per kg, bulk flour (Maida) at Tk 65-68 and packaged Maida at 72 -75 Tk the day.

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