Unemployed by the pandemic, many young people in Guwahati sell fish and meat | Guwahati News

GUWAHATI: The second wave of Covid-19 has laid off thousands of people working in different private companies, shopping malls and other establishments. Finding no way to make a living, many began selling fish, meat and vegetables outside of curfew hours in the city.
Gunamoni Das, 25, was a contract worker at a well-known private school in the city. Due to the prevailing Covid-19, he lost his job and now he sells fish on the trail in the city’s Chandmari district. “Staying indoors in fear of Covid will result in the death of people like us from starvation. We have lost jobs. But we must do something to earn our bread and butter to stay alive in the midst of this pandemic. So every morning my friend and I go to Kachari ghat to buy fish. We bring around 10 to 12 kg of local fish every morning and sell here in Chandmari, ”Gunamoni said.
Bibek Das, who worked as a food delivery boy, lost his job due to the pandemic and has now started selling broiler chicken meat in his community of Chandmari. “People can’t wait to win until normalcy returns. Normalcy will certainly return if basic Covid-19 protocols are followed by everyone. Here the question is about livelihood. How does a person Would she buy the ration? The government will not feed anyone for sure. Whether it is a pandemic or other … it is the public who must fight alone, “he added.
He added that the pandemic had affected him mentally as well. “At least we could plan something before the pandemic even though we were engaged in a little work. The situation has now become such that you have to think about every meal, ”he added.
The young people said it would be better if the government considered providing financial assistance to people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.
The restriction on vehicle movement, including the ban on movement between neighborhoods, has affected the city’s markets. Most of the street vendors, who travel from neighboring areas of town to Guwahati, have stopped coming to town on business due to strict restrictions on vehicle movement.
The low attendance of street vendors has hit city dwellers who no longer have access to various products, including vegetables.
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