Ukraine asks seafood companies to send donations of chilled and frozen fish

Ukraine’s Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has sent a request to seafood companies around the world, asking for help in replenishing Ukraine’s food stocks in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion.

In a letter published on Tuesday 8 March, Ukrainian Minister agricultural and food policy Roman Leshchenko requested that the seafood be sent to Ukraine, which has “an urgent need for resupply”.

“Today, Ukraine needs your help more than ever to repel Russian aggression,” the letter said. “In this context, I call on the fishing community, as well as all those who care about Ukraine and have the opportunity to help, to join in supporting Ukraine not just in words, which is undoubtedly extremely important for us, but also in action.

The aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 23, 2022, is still reverberating through the global seafood industry. Several major US restaurant chains have stopped buying seafood from Russian seafood companies and seafood companies around the world have reduced their shipments to Russia.

“Ukrainian servicemen and ordinary Ukrainians risk their lives every day to protect our land from the invasion of Russian troops, who are destroying military and civilian infrastructure, bombing residential areas of Ukrainian cities, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and maternity wards,” he said. wrote. “This unprovoked and unprovoked act of aggression by Russia against Ukraine has already resulted in a significant number of civilian deaths, including children.”

Due to the turmoil, Leshchenko wrote, the country experienced a massive decrease in economic activity, resulting in a lack of essential goods, including food, and leading to a “deterioration of the humanitarian situation in some areas of ‘Ukraine”.

“Therefore, we ask you to consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with the following: chilled or frozen fish (including minced meat, fillets and other fish meat), salted fish or smoked, finished or canned fish products, etc., as humanitarian aid,” wrote Leshchenko.

Aid coordination is carried out by the State Improvement and Fisheries Agency of Ukraine, Leshchenko said, directing inquiries to Oleh Klochak by phone at +380673239988 or by email via [email protected].

“We are confident that your support and assistance will make an invaluable contribution to achieving peace and saving lives in Ukraine,” Leshchenko said.

Photo courtesy of photographer RM/Shutterstock

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