Three family members hospitalized after eating fish in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: In another incident of suspected food poisoning, three members of a family were admitted to hospital after consuming fish at Kallara in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala.

They had developed discomfort after consuming the fish, bought at Pazhayachantha (a local market).

Another person was also hospitalized after consuming fish.

The police carried out checks in Pazhayachantha. The health department has also been notified.

But after failing to get a response from the health department, local residents notified the district collector.

Last weekend, a 16-year-old girl died and several others were hospitalized after eating shawarma at a restaurant in Cheruvathur in Kerala’s northernmost district of Kasaragod.

How to tell if fish is rotten

The following points should be kept in mind when making your next fish purchase:

• Test the fish with your finger. By pressing down on the flesh with your finger, the fingerprint should quickly disappear as the flesh bounces back. If it remains, then the fish is not fresh. • Fresh fish will have clear, bright, shiny eyes. They will also have shiny, metallic skin.

• Look for scales that are securely connected. Disjoint ones are found on decomposing fish.

• In fresh fish, the gills are shiny and red. In stale fish, it is brown or wilted. If there’s slime near the gills, it’s stale fish.

• Fresh fish does not have the typical fish smell.

Where to complain?

If you come across inedible, adulterated or expired food products, call the free number: 1800 425 1125.

This number is valid to alert on rotten fish that is sold.

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