The SGPDA begins the search for a temporary site to house the wholesale fish market for a year

Sep 20, 2022 | 07:17 IST

The SGPDA begins the search for a temporary site to house the wholesale fish market for a year

Team Herald

MARGAO: As part of the preparations to relocate the wholesale fish market from its current location in Mungul, Fatorda, the chairman of the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) has carried out an inspection of four sites alternatives to temporarily house the market, for one year.

“The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) is currently working on this market. We have already handed over 55% of the market land to the GSIDC, this part of the work is complete,” Salkar said. “They (GSIDC) have now asked the SGPDA to give them the remaining 45%, so that they can complete the work quickly,” Salkar added.

“We saw four sites today. The first is near the Kadamba bus station in Margao. The second is the SGPDA collection site. Then there is the land of the Fisheries Department nearby and land owned by the Department of Land Use Planning (TCP),” Salkar added.

“We will now study which of these four sites is the most feasible for the temporary market. We will also consult the two deputies of Margao and Fatorda (members of the board of directors of the SGPDA) and after taking their suggestions, we will continue”, added Salkar.

When it was pointed out that some of these locations, such as the SGPDA pick-up stand, are close to the existing wholesale market and could create a problem for sellers in the SGPDA retail market, Salkar hoped that this problem would also be resolved.

Recall that the retail sellers had demanded the closure of the wholesale auction, because customers were going directly to the wholesale auction, which was costing them business. “Somewhere we will have to make a compromise, but we want to give everyone confidence, be it retail fish sellers, wholesalers, traditional fishermen, trawler owners and other stakeholders. . We will finalize the site with them,” he added.

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