The 10 Best Vegan Fish Sandwiches in the U.S. You Must Try

Vegan chicken is the new beef – is seafood the next frontier? The fledgling industry grew its U.S. sales by 23% in 2020 according to the Good Food Institute, now hovering at a market value of $12 million. While this number pales in comparison to other more established plant-based sectors such as dairy and meat ($2.5 billion and $1.4 billion, respectively), the quantity and quality of Vegan fish options have seen a widespread increase in recent years. Restaurants are also jumping into the vegan fish category, usually in the form of a vegan fish sandwich. Could these flaky, fried handfuls become the popularity of the vegan chicken sandwich? Here are 10 vegan fish sandwiches that make a solid argument. Long live the tartar sauce!

bee burger

1 bee burger

First and foremost, this Los Angeles micro-chain is a burger restaurant. In October 2021, it introduced a fishing handle that would rival any animal-based Filet-o-Fish. The creation is made with a Good Catch plant-based breaded and fried fish fillet that is smothered in a good tartar sauce and crowned with pickles. The tenderloin sits on a melting bed of two slices of Violife cheddar cheese, all held together between two potato buns. We know fish and cheese is a bit unorthodox, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
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VegNews.NiceGuysnice people

2 nice people

If you are looking for a burger dive, Nice Guys is for you. This no-frills joint serves up the basics with an always-hot grill and always-bubbling air fryer. The burger options are definitely worth considering, but the fish sandwich option is perfect if you’re not in the mood for vegan beef. The simple take on the sesame seed bun consists of two browned fish steaks on a rack of lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. Be sure to pair it with a Nice Guys Dairy Free Strawberry, Malt, Chocolate or Vanilla Mooshake.
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VegNews.CHampsdinerChampion’s dinner

3 The dinner of champions

A New York City vegan institution, Champ’s Diner is true to the essence of dining. The menu is extensive and eclectic, serving everything from classic Reubens to French toast. Among the plethora of plant-based offerings is a solid fish fillet sandwich. Served with vegan cheese, fried pickles and tzatziki sauce, it’s a bit of a twist on the traditional fish sandwich, but it’s still delicious.
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VegNews_VeganFishSandwichGrilled vegetables

4 Grilled vegetables

The Good Catch boom has seeped into several vegan restaurant menus, including Veggie Grill. In fall 2021, the national plant-based chain launched its Cajun Fish Sandwich featuring Good Catch Crispy Fish Fillet. The kitchen brightens up this humble sandwich by adding lettuce, tomato, pickled celery and a fiery Cajun Devil sauce slathered on two buttery brioche buns. Order while you can – not all new Veggie Grill items appear on the permanent menu (although this fish sandwich certainly deserves it!).
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VegNews.DetroitVeganSoulDetroit Vegan Soul

5 Detroit Vegan Soul

It’s not just a fish sandwich, it’s a catfish sandwich. This black-woman-owned vegan restaurant adds a taste of the South to its plant-based fish fillet by coating the tofu in a cornmeal-based batter and frying it until tender. it is crispy. Homemade catfish is topped with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, all served on a soft, chewy pretzel bun. One bite, and you’ll agree more sandwiches should be pretzels.
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VegNews.PlantpowerfastfoodPlant-powered fast food

6 Plant-powered fast food

Although currently confined to California, this rapidly growing vegan fast food chain could be coming to a state near you. Among burgers, wraps, shakes and tots, the fish fillet sandwich is a star. It marries vegan cheese with a fried fish patty, tartar sauce, and the usual lettuce and tomato. The best thing? Many of these places have drive-through services.
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VegNews.SluttyVeganspreadVegan slut

7 Vegan slut

You won’t find Filet-o-Fish or something so commonly called a “fish sandwich” at Slutty Vegan. Instead, browse the menu for the item called the Heaux Boy. Unorthodox in name and composition, this vegan fish sandwich is made with fried vegan shrimp instead of a flaky steak. New Orleans seasoned shrimp rolls are piled high with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and the chain’s signature Slut Sauce barely contained on a sweet Hawaiian bun.
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8 The seasoned vegan

For a taste outside of the standard filet, lettuce and tomato, check out this family-friendly spot in Harlem. It’s BBQ Crawfish Sandwich is one of the most popular items on the menu, no doubt thanks to the homemade ingredients that go into this delicious sammie. The kitchen combines fermented soy “crayfish” with grilled burdock root and smothers it all with bayou barbecue sauce. This handful is one of the most original vegan fish sandwiches we’ve had the pleasure of devouring.
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VegNews.NextLevelFishNext Level Burger

9 Next Level Burger

You can walk up to the Next Level Burger counter intending to order a burger, but then you’ll spy someone taking a bite out of the Fried Fish (minus) Burger, and suddenly a vegan fish sandwich will sound pretty good. . now. Accompanied by dairy-free American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, this sandwich is basic yet satisfying. Order it with crinkle fries for a great vegan fast food experience.
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VegNews.ModernVeganThe modern vegan

ten The modern vegan

Distinctly unique from a split lobster roll, The Modern Vegan’s Lobster Melt can only be found in Vegas. The triple-stacked sourdough sammie is filled with heart-of-palm vegan lobster meat, plant-based melty cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and a kick of pesto. If the standard fish sandwich doesn’t appeal to you, this lobster version will at least arouse your curiosity.
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