Tanzania: RC woos residents to invest in fish farming

RUKWA (RC) Regional Commissioner Mr. Joseph Mkirikiti has urged locals to seize the benefits of Lakes Rukwa and Tanganyika to invest in aquaculture to increase fish production.

RC recently told the “Daily News” that the existence of lakes and rivers in the region provide opportunities for aquaculture investment.

“I challenge fisheries experts to map suitable areas in Lakes Tanganyika and Rukwa for appropriate investment,” Mkirikiti said.

He also challenged citizens to capitalize on fish farming as it is a lucrative investment.

Rukwa is located between Lakes Tanganyika and Rukwa with a huge population of reliable fish including sardines, tilapia, Nile perch, mud fish, English fish, luciolates, strapessil ‘migebuka’ and various ornamental fish species.

However, 99% of the fish produced in Rukwa is caught in Nkasi district.

However, the fishing industry in the region is not fully exploited due to lack of modern fishing gear, lack of a reliable and competitive fish market, technical know-how and storage facilities.

The latest statistics available show that the contribution of the fishing sector has remained minimal at only 1.71% of the national GDP.

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