Taiwan to build solar-powered fish farm

Lightsource bp, a global solar energy company, is expanding in East Asia. The company announced it was working with Green Rock Energy to co-develop a 150 megawatt solar power plant next to a fish farm in Budai Township, Taiwan.

The project is expected to be one of the largest solar aquaculture farms in Taiwan and will create 750 jobs during construction. According to a press release from Lightsource bp, the crews will inaugurate the site in June 2023.

Once built, the project will produce 210,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity per year, enough to power around 43,000 homes and save 133,770 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

In addition to providing locally generated renewable energy and creating new jobs, the solar aquaculture project was designed to benefit the environment and the local community. Throughout the process, Lightsource bp engaged environmental specialists as well as local stakeholders to provide their expertise and design a project with multiple benefits. These include allowing fishers to farm approximately 200 ponds as well as adding saltwater storage ponds to optimize the water management process for fish farmers.

The decision to enter the Taiwanese market comes after Lightsource bp secured a $1.8 billion credit and trade finance facility last year to fuel its global growth strategy of developing 25 gigawatts of power. solar by 2025. Funding is provided by 10 leading global financial institutions, to support its growth ambitions and execution strategy as it continues to accelerate the deployment of solar energy in EMEA regions , Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Nick Boyle, Managing Director of Lightsource BP, said: “There are many exciting opportunities for solar in Asia and our long-term ambition is to have an EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific region, so we are delighted that with At our first project in East Asia in Taiwan, we are starting to build this third leg of the stool. »

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