Sydney Fish Market launches digital trading platform

Sydney Fish Market has launched SFMblue, a digital commerce platform to modernize seafood trading, complementing the physical auction in the market.

The platform, developed using ShoreTrade technology, opens up possibilities for the industry, enabling seafood trade with a nationwide customer base. Additionally, the platform connects seafood suppliers to buyers across the East Coast and provides access to the quality, volume and variety of seafood that Sydney Fish Market is famous for.

“Think of us as a 70-year-old start-up – we’re combining decades of independent seafood business expertise with award-winning technology to revolutionize the seafood industry. That’s just the early, and through continued development and consultation, we plan to continue to develop and evolve SFMblue to maximize user benefits,” said Greg Dyer, CEO of Sydney Fish Market.

In conjunction with the traditional Dutch auction at Sydney Fish Market, SFMblue offers transparent industry insights, including daily market prices and supply and demand data.

Sydney Fish Market says shoppers will enjoy 24/7 access to seafood from Australia and New Zealand with flexible payment methods, market prices and market visibility. offer.

The reverse market feature allows buyers to submit a request if they cannot find the specific product they are looking for, then accept offers from vendors who can fulfill their orders.

SFMblue allows buyers to determine prices before bringing in their catch, focusing on what buyers need.

Sydney Fish Market has received financial support from the NSW Government to support the development of the trading platform.

“The platform will fundamentally change the way Australia’s $3 billion seafood industry operates. This online expansion will put the power back in the hands of buyers and sellers, giving them greater access to some of the best seafood in the world,” said Dugald Saunders, Minister for Agriculture, Sydney Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market says producers across the country will benefit from 24/7 trading, increased price visibility, payment certainty and access to more buyers, ensuring as well as more seafood are found on the plates.

“It will also be a game-changer for businesses in our regions, who will now be able to buy the same high-quality products as the city, without having to travel,” said Saunders.

Overfishing has been a problem globally and continues to be a problem in some areas. State and Commonwealth legislation requires that fishing be sustainable and that the environmental impacts of fishing activities be regularly assessed.

Stocks of previously overexploited species continue to increase under surveillance. Recovery plans are mandatory and proven.

With SFMblue’s search function, you can find different seafood categories, suppliers or species.

Easy to use.

Simple to navigate.

Buy seafood anywhere, anytime.

A system built for the industry, by the industry.

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