Steakholder Files Patent for Printing Puff Fish

Steakholder Foods today announced that it has filed a provisional patent with the United States Patent Office for a new process for creating cell-cultured fish with layers of tissue to achieve “the signature tenderness of fish.” cooked”.

The company, formerly known as MeatTech 3D, says the new approach will be created using its 3D printing technology and should enable the production of a wide variety of fish, seafood and cuts. .

“The filing of this provisional patent application is another significant advancement in our ability to 3D print a wide variety of species,” Steakholder Foods CEO Arik Kaufman said in the release. “We are passionate and committed to using our technological versatility to make the terrestrial and marine animal protein industries more sustainable.”

Switching to seafood is strategically a good decision given the skyrocketing prices of fish compared to other forms of protein. Po Bronson, head of IndieBio, said so on the latest episode of The Spon podcast.

“Seafood companies seem to be in a much better position because you’re competing against what is a very expensive product,” Bronson said. “Wild-caught seafood is very expensive in the market, so your competitiveness index is a more comparable price.”

The company partnered with Umami Foods in August, a cultured seafood startup based in Singapore. This announcement and today’s come amid a flurry of deals (and patent filings) for the company, which has become one of the first cultured meat companies to go public on an exchange. American. Unfortunately, the company’s stock hasn’t fared well over the past year, falling from around $11 in initial trades to under $2 today.

While it’s unclear when and at what price we’ll see Steakholder’s fish product hit the market, if they can figure out how to create a viable cellag fish product, their stock price will undoubtedly benefit. long-term.

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