Soaring plant-based fish sales as ‘profitable fishing is no longer possible’ – vegconomist

May 10, 2022


Alternative protein producer Schouten Europe has reported a significant increase in sales of plant-based fish, as the price of conventional fish continues to climb due to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Our customers have asked us if we can accelerate the development of plant-based alternatives.”

According to Schouten, profitable fishing is “currently no longer possible”, with many fishing boats not setting sail due to soaring fuel prices. This sparked a growing interest in plant-based seafood.

Alternatives to fish from Schouten

After producing meat substitutes for three decades, Schouten launched its first alternative seafood product – Vegan Green Tuna – in 2021. This was followed by fish sticks and vegan burgers later that year. with the company claiming the Seaspiracy documentary created a significant boost. required. Schouten has also been in communication with several companies in the conventional fish industry looking to start offering vegan alternatives.

© Schouten Europe

Award winning vegetable fish

Last year, Schouten’s Vegan Green Tuna took second place in the Chamber of Commerce’s Innovation Top 100, earning the company the title of the most innovative food SME in the Netherlands. Schouten’s fish alternatives will soon be presented to the general public for the first time at the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) show in Amsterdam, which will take place from May 31 to June 1.

“First of all, the current trigger for the growing demand for plant-based alternatives to fish is certainly not what we hoped for. As entrepreneurs, we sympathize with everyone in the fishing industry who is being hit hard CEO Henk Schouten said, “Our customers have asked us if we can accelerate the development of plant-based alternatives. This cannot be seen in isolation from the situation in the fisheries sector.”

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