Shan Kadavil, CEO of Fresh-to-home is revolutionizing the fish and meat industry in India

Shan Kadavil is the co-founder and CEO of, one of the world’s largest vertically integrated fish and meat e-commerce companies. The company delivered over 1.5 million orders per month to over 2 million customers across 10 major cities in India and across the UAE. Shan and his team are on a mission to bring customers food that’s chemical-free and free of antibiotic residues, and they’re reinventing the food supply chain from the ground up by cutting out the middleman through merchants on the Fresh platform. -to-home and providing more value. to farmers and fishermen. Shan is also the President of Dbaux Technologies, a critical infrastructure security technology start-up that manufactures locally developed UTMs, network devices, operating systems, and more. Many of India’s important government infrastructures are now powered by Dbaux products.

Shan is a multifunctional entrepreneur and leader who has launched many popular tech companies and start-ups in the United States and India. In his former role as Founder and Country Manager of India, Shan is credited with establishing Zynga’s first and largest studio outside of the United States.

Zynga is a leader in social gaming and the creator of popular titles such as Farmville, CityVille, Draw Something, Words with Friends and Mafia Wars. Under Shan’s leadership, Zynga India has grown by leaps and bounds, owning and launching a number of titles that are Zynga’s biggest. Shan was previously vice president of product at, a California-based company widely regarded as the market leader in support automation.

Shan has also held management and consulting positions in a number of leading companies around the world. He was twice named to Exhibit magazine’s “100 Top Tech Indians”, won numerous awards including the Economic Times “Most Promising Entrepreneur of 2019” award and was also honored with the Premier Indian Minister as part of the “Champions for Change” programme. Shan holds a number of patents in the fields of big data and cloud computing and has also participated in the World Economic Forum.

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