Salmon Evolution ‘delighted’ with fish quality after test harvest

Land-based fish farmer Salmon Evolution has successfully completed its initial cull and says it is on track for the company’s first commercial harvest before the end of the year.

Presenting its second quarter update, the company said the fish was of good quality, with a firm meaty texture and excellent taste.

After a release of 100,000 smolts in March, the fish had reached an average weight of around 1.5 kg by the end of June, far exceeding expectations.

The strong performance continued into the third quarter and the fish now average around 2.3kg, confirming that Salmon Evolution is on track for its first harvest in the fourth quarter of this year.

The facility, located in Indre Harøy, Norway, operates a hybrid continuous flow system.

Last month, Salmon Evolution released its second batch of smolts at Indre Harøy, consisting of approximately 230,000 smolts with an average weight of 125 grams.

As of August 15, the second batch had an average weight of approximately 235 grams.

The company reported that all buildings and structural installations at Indre Harøy are now complete. The remaining construction works are mainly related to the installation of equipment and piping, as well as system integration.

“We now keep fish in two of the tanks. Over the next few months, we will gradually commission the remaining tanks after storing new batches of smolts and transferring existing batches to new tanks.

Salmon Evolution has an agreement for slaughter services with Vikenco, one of Norway’s leading salmon processors, located just 10 km from Indre Harøy.

The statement continued: “After the first smolt release at the end of March, Salmon Evolution has now operated the Indre Harøy facility for almost five months.

“Commissioning an installation of this magnitude is a very complex process that involves many settings and adjustments at the beginning. Nonetheless, we were able to maintain stable conditions and provide a good environment for our salmon to not only live, but also thrive.

Salmon Evolution, which participates in a fish farming partner project in South Korea, has already announced its intention to expand into North America.

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