Sales of spam and fish heads skyrocket as shoppers seek cheaper food

According to the report, almost three-quarters of respondents to the Waitrose survey said they were now “more attentive” to their grocery spending. Spam, made from ground pork shoulder and ham, has been sold since 1937 and became a staple in World War II because it can be stored for long periods of time.

It’s also cheap: Walmart sells spam for around $3.60 a box. Sales of fish heads – typically used in stews, soups and curries – have been boosted by the “use it all” trend, where consumers ensure nothing goes to waste.

A bid to save money and the growing popularity of slow cookers has prompted some shoppers and restaurants to embrace previously “forgotten” ingredients, Waitrose said. Sales of other less expensive cuts of meat such as beef shank increased by 23%, while sales of beef cheeks and lamb necks increased by 9% and 4%. The supermarket said it was seeing “big changes” in customer shopping habits. Almost a quarter said they were turning to own-brand supermarkets, while more than a third were “seeking more deals”.

German discount chains Aldi and Lidl are attracting more customers in the UK, with Aldi overtaking Morrisons last month to become Britain’s fourth-largest supermarket chain in terms of sales.

Insider has contacted Waitrose for comment.

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