Sale of meat and fish is prohibited in Maharashtra Temple Town Dehu

Only a handful of stores sold non-vegetarian items in Dehu, an official said. (Representative)


The civic body of Dehu in the district of Pune, where the famous Marathi poet saint Tukaram lived, has banned the sale of meat and fish.

The ban, applicable to both raw and cooked meat and fish, came into force on Friday.

Tukaram, one of the most prominent poet saints in the Maharashtrian Bhakti tradition, was born in the city in the early 17th century, and hundreds of devotees visit the local temple dedicated to him every day.

“At the first general assembly of the Nagar Panchayat on February 25, a resolution was passed unanimously to ban the sale of fish and meat within the jurisdiction of Dehu city in view of the sentiments of warkaris (devotees of Lord Vitthal) and local residents,” said Prashant Jadhav, chief officer of the Dehu Nagar Panchayat.

Being a temple town, there were only a handful of shops selling non-vegetarian items before, but they have also been closed now, he said.

“When the area was governed by a gram panchayat, there was a mutual understanding not to sell non-vegetarian items. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a few shops appeared. After the formation of the Nagar Panchayat recently, a resolution A formal ban on the sale of meat and fish has been passed,” Jadhav added.

A flying team has been formed to monitor the implementation of the ban, he said.

Dehu has more than 40,000 inhabitants.

Sanjay More, one of the administrators of the Tukaram temple, said there was a collective demand from all stakeholders to ban the sale of fish and meat in the town.

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