Restaurant in Portstewart running out of fish to sell due to ‘Brexit and rising fuel costs’

A Co Derry business could find itself without fish for the next two months due to ‘Brexit and rising costs’.

Portstewart-based Native Seafood said fuel costs for boats made it “not financially viable for them to go out” on the sea.

In a statement, the owners said they would not close the business, preferring instead to improvise their menu.

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They said: “Bad news. You may have noticed we haven’t had any fish this week, this is due to complications with Brexit and the rising cost of fuel for boats which makes their exit not financially viable.

“That means we work with one boat a week for whitefish and prime. We are still able to get lobster and mackerel from Portstewart and Portrush and oysters and mussels from Foyle, but other than that, we will have very few seafood options.

“It’s roughly estimated to last the next two months and beyond who knows.

“We don’t want to close and we have an amazing team so we’ll improvise our menu with more local meat and vegetable dishes and put all the seafood we can get our hands on, but it didn’t looks awesome

“Thank you for being pretty classy and understanding. Your support means everything! We’ll keep you updated along the way, with a new menu [as soon as possible]. We will post it soon.”

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Meanwhile Cara Hunter, MP for SDLP East Derry, said that without the NI protocol things “would probably be much worse”.

She said: ‘The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on businesses in East Derry and across the North. Many are already facing huge overheads and are now struggling to cope with the huge spike in utility costs and therefore have to make tough decisions.

“Without support we could face business closures as we have seen in other places and it would be devastating for owners and staff.

“We warned that Brexit would impact businesses and people here, we voted against it, but we are still suffering the consequences. Without the Protocol, things would probably be much worse.

“We need to see both the UK government and our executive stepping up and providing support to businesses to help them through this crisis.

“It is deeply regrettable that the DUP’s continued boycott of our institutions has left us powerless to help people. first-class seafood they’ve come to expect soon.


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