Pure Cravings is the first and only mercury tested fish for cats

Pure cravings Unsurpassed Purity Standard Earns “Best in Show” Award at Global Pet Expo 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pure Cravings is an innovative new pet brand that solves the problem of mercury in cat food by rapidly testing fish against strict mercury limits. Pure Cravings is the only pet food brand to test every tuna and salmon, and every baitfish catch, to a strict mercury limit. This premium brand of canned cat food is human grade, non-GMO, 100% wild and sustainably sourced.

“Mercury levels in fish can vary widely. Two identical tunas of the same species and size can vary in mercury up to 10 times,” says Pure Cravings co-founder Sean Wittenberg. “The only way to protect cats from mercury variance is to test every tuna and salmon, as well as every sardine and mackerel catch. Pure Cravings’ mercury testing technology sets an unmatched new standard for the industry Pure Cravings is the only brand to test every can of cat food to a strict mercury limit.”

Studies have shown that mercury levels in cats on a fish-based diet have been found to be 5 times higher than those in humans. High levels of mercury can contribute to hyperthyroidism and kidney failure, a problem found especially in older cats. Pure Cravings’ industry-certified technology ensures that every tuna and salmon, and every catch of small baitfish, such as sardines and mackerel, is tested to a limit of 0.07 ppm – a level experts consider as safe for cats and well below average mercury levels found. in many cat foods today. No other brand does.

“Our cat, Luna, is a big part of our family, and our choice of food has a big impact on her life. Luna loves fish, and we love that fish is packed with healthy nutrients and omega-3s. Unfortunately , many cat foods use highly processed fish and unobtainable red meat fish by-products with widely varying mercury levels.Pure Cravings solves the problem of mercury in cat foods for our Luna and for the cats around the world,” says Bryan Boches, co-founder of Pure Cravings. “Now, for the first time, cat owners have a premium gourmet pet food option made with quality fish. and the finest ingredients, and come with the added confidence of industry-validated mercury testing.”

At its first Global Pet Expo this year, Pure Cravings received the “Best in Show” award in the cat category for showcasing new products. Pure Cravings is a new pet food brand created by the founders of Safe Catch, the internationally acclaimed seafood brand that tests every tuna and salmon to strict mercury limits. Safe Catch co-founders Wittenberg and Boches applied their breakthrough mercury testing technology to cat food to develop Pure Cravings. “Our pets are part of the family and we want them to live long and vibrant lives on pure food,” Boches said.

Pure Cravings is available in six varieties: Tuna Cutlets in Sauce, Salmon Cutlets in Sauce, Sardine Cutlets in Sauce, Mackerel Cutlets in Sauce, Tuna and Salmon Cutlets in Sauce, and Sardine and Mackerel Cutlets in Sauce. Each box of Pure Cravings is grain-free and contains non-GMO ingredients.

Learn more or shop the new Pure Cravings range today at www.purecravings.com.


Pure Cravings is on a mission to protect cats from mercury. Using proprietary technology, Pure Cravings can test every tuna, salmon and baitfish catch to a mercury limit 14 times lower than the FDA human standard and is the only brand to do so. The company has used its innovative technology to test more than 6 million fish for mercury for use in human and pet foods and tests more fish in one day than the FDA has tested in its history. Pure Cravings is human-grade, non-GMO and wild-caught, sustainably sourced. Find Pure Cravings products online at purecravings.com.

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