Opening of a fish and seafood restaurant in Lechlade

A new business with a well-known name has just opened in Lechlade.

New Wave Brasserie is the latest addition to the New Wave Seafood company.

When Vera’s Kitchen in Burford Street, Lechlade, became available, Tim Boyd, owner and founder of New Wave Seafood knew it would make a wonderful new restaurant for Lechlade and the surrounding area.

Tim said: “We realized this could be a great site for a restaurant as well as setting up a fresh fish retail market. We embarked on this project together with Bob Parkinson (formerly of Made by Bob ) to design the restaurant and create the food concept.”

Now visitors to the Cotswolds and locals in and around Lechlade can sample the delights of a fresh fish and seafood restaurant featuring responsibly sourced produce from small Cornish day fishing boats.

The dining room, which seats 23, is beautifully decorated around the quirky window which overlooks the busy A361 which passes through Swindon, Lechlade and Burford.

Work is currently underway to build a ‘back shack’ to serve a further 36 customers and there are also plans to start running a fresh fish market once a week in the picturesque courtyard that connects the brewery to the shack at the -return.

The predominantly fish and seafood menu (although there are meat, vegetable and vegan options for meat lovers, vegetarian diners and vegan customers) is beautifully varied with international flavors from Thailand and Japan created by Chef David Lloyd.

There will be a catch of the day and a cold seafood menu including four types of oysters, hot and cold seafood platters and sustainable fish specialties.

Tim added: “A lot of people would say we’re crazy to be opening in this economic climate. However, we think we’re going to offer something completely unique: a seafood brasserie serving classic European seafood dishes. , but also several small plates with an Asian influence.”

Seven New Wave Brasserie staff are former employees of Vera’s Kitchen and Tim has added three more staff to the team, led by manager and local resident Alex Szabo.

“At the moment, the New Wave Brasserie is only open for breakfast and lunch,” Tim explained. “But when we open for dinner in the very near future, we will be looking for more staff. We are really excited to add something to Lechlade and the local economy.”

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