Ongoing research to compare farmed fish with chicken, beef and pork

A company operating in East Africa has launched a project that will compare the footprints of farmed tilapia and catfish with those of livestock such as cattle and goats.

The project is led by Msingi, an independent industry development organization that supports the transformation of high-potential industries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The company is now looking for consultants to undertake the project.

“One of Msingi’s main goals is to develop a competitive, inclusive and resilient aquaculture industry for the long term. The organization believes that East Africa has a strong comparative advantage in aquaculture, with good natural water resources and good climate, genetic resources and a rapidly growing population resulting in increasing demand. of protein,” Msingi said in a statement.

“As the aquaculture industry grows in East Africa, Msingi believes it is imperative to achieve this growth in an environmentally sustainable way,” he added.

“We do not know the current impact that farmed fish in the East African region has on the environment as well as compared to other commonly consumed proteins. In order to reduce the environmental impact due to aquaculture, we first need to be able to quantify the impact and attribute it to practices, thereby identifying areas for improvement to achieve environmental sustainability for the industry as a whole,” says Msingi .

He said the objectives of the consultants were to provide comparative analysis on farmed tilapia and catfish and chicken, beef, pork and goat.

The consultants would conduct reviews of the meat and fish industry in East Africa, including the scale and modalities of production, consumption patterns, sustainability practices and disposal.

They would also engage with relevant stakeholders in the animal protein industry, including farmed tilapia and catfish, chicken, beef, pork and goat to understand the value chain from production to end use.

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