Nigerian food vendors use embalming chemicals to preserve fish and meat, Food Regulatory Agency says

The Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Professor Mojisola Adeyeye, has sounded the alarm that food vendors in the country are applying toxic chemicals to preserve their food. food to the detriment of the health of Nigerians.

Adeyeye revealed that among the deadly chemicals used by meat and fish vendors was formalin, a chemical used to preserve corpses.

She revealed that the agency found butchers resolved to use formalin for embalming the dead, preserving fish and meat consumed by Nigerians.

She made this known during a public information campaign launched by NAFDAC in Bauchi state on Tuesday, held at the Double Four Events Center, Bauchi.

She warned that the misuse of chemicals on food could lead to many serious illnesses and death, warning that anyone arrested would be brought to justice.

Adeyeye, who was represented by Fori Tatami, director of planning, research and statistics for NAFDAC, also revealed that Sniper, a brand of poisonous chemical, is also used to preserve Kilishi (a dried form of suya , made from boneless cow, mutton or goat meat) by food vendors in some parts of the country.

“Sniper is misused by most Nigerians. If it dries with Kilishi, it can kill the consumer, ”she warned.

She said that in addition to the task of discouraging Nigerians from condescending drug dealers, the agency is also warning Nigerians against buying meat from an open place infested with flies.

“Such meats may be laden with dangerous chemicals that repel flies, so Nigerians should be wary,” he said.

She said Nigerians should also be wary of red palm oil, as traders add a dangerous chemical called “azo dye” to make it reddish and attractive.

She said the public information was to educate Nigerians about development and to be willing to provide information about such practices to NAFDAC in order to arrest and prosecute the suspects.

“We shouldn’t allow people to put chemicals in the products we consume. We have to be careful and enlighten our people, ”she said.

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