Meat and fish see strong sales in Kasimedu market ahead of Sunday’s lockdown


Fish lovers headed to Kasimedu Fish Market to stock up on seafood as the town goes into full lockdown mode tomorrow. The meat and fish trade has picked up quite well with the end of the Sabarimala and Thaipoosam fasting seasons.

Fish prices, however, have skyrocketed since very fewer fishermen ventured out to sea during Pongal holidays.

Small size Seer fish (Vanjiram), which was previously sold at Rs 500, is now at Rs 700, large Vanjiram usually sold at Rs 1,000 is sold at Rs 1,500, red snapper (sankara) is sold at Rs 150 steeper from Rs 350 to 500 The price of anchovy (nethili) was almost doubled as it was sold for Rs 400, its previous price being Rs 250; Silver pomfret fish (vavval) worth Rs 500 is sold for Rs 800, squid (kadamba) costing Rs 550 was sold for Rs 350 before. Prawns rate doubled to Rs 600 from Rs 300, Bluefin Travelly (parai) is now sold at Rs 600 cost Rs 350 earlier, cost of crabs increased by a third to Rs 600 from Rs 400 and sea bass ( koduva) sells for Rs 600 with its previous rate being Rs 350.

People have been seen buying seafood despite their sky-high prices ahead of the Sunday lockdown tomorrow. Business had been booming since Saturday morning with social distancing measures underway.

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