Lunkerhunt Boshi Blade Underspin Jerkbait Review

This jerk bait is unique as you can probably see from the photos. Attached to the belly of the lure is a small willow blade that adds an awesome amount of action and flash throughout your retrieve. However, it fishes a little differently than most jerkbaits in your collection.

The Lunkerhunt Boshi Blade Underspin Jerkbait is not a tricky little jerkbait; it has some serious meat. Measuring 4.3 inches long and weighing 5/8 ounces, you’ll need to use heavier gear to comfortably fish it. I had the best luck fishing it on a medium heavy action rod as it has a bit more pull due to the willow blade. I normally cast my more traditional jerkbaits on a 12lb line and have actually hit the 15lb fluoro with this particular lure. It’s an awesome option for shallow cover (more on that in a second), so I felt the need to put some shoulders behind it, if that makes sense.

When you pause the bait, it slowly rises to the top, so it’s not a hanging jerkbait like many on the market. But when the bait is paused, this willow blade continues to spin as it ascends, adding a really attractive aesthetic to the presentation. It looks a lot like a small shoal of baitfish that can really drive the bass crazy.

Due to the added drag from the blade, this jerkbait won’t cut and dart as much as many others, but the belly mounted blade more than makes up for that in my opinion.

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