Lucknow: Mayor orders meat and fish shops to be moved from densely populated settlements | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: As part of the UP government’s communicable disease control programme, the city’s mayor, Sanyukta Bhatia, on Saturday ordered the Lucknow Municipal Corporation to map high-density localities where food shops operate. selling meat or fish, removing them and moving them to different areas.
The directive comes after the state government launched the program from April 2-30 to educate the public on communicable disease prevention measures.
The mayor also asked officials to find out about those stores that are not operating up to standard and in an unhygienic manner and to take strict action against them.
Additional Municipal Commissioner Abhay Pandey has been tasked with discovering such localities in the eight areas under LMC where shops selling meat or fish are operated. The civic body will identify designated areas to relocate these stores.
“This is done in order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Initially, officials will launch an investigation and later one or two areas will be marked for stores to move. For this, we will also take the help of the district administration and the health department. Action will be taken against unlicensed stores. In addition, relocated meat shops will be asked to cover themselves with a plastic sheet or a glass window,” said the mayor of the city, Sankyukta Bhatia, adding that it will resume later in the city as well. after the end of the control program.
Instructions to launch a campaign to remove stray pigs from the city were also given by the mayor. According to the health department, pigs could spread various diseases, including brain fever. Disinfection of all services was also suggested.
Around 70% of the city’s 35 lakh population is non-vegetarian and consumes around 64,000 kg of meat daily.
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