King Grouper Fish Soup – Savor the QQ Flavors and Skin of Giant Grouper Soup at Bugis & Changi Village

One of the dishes that excels at bringing out flavors while still being a healthy choice has to be fish soup, and it tastes even better when made with good things like giant grouper. Plus, King Grouper Fish Soup not only knows how to showcase the freshness of this premium fish, but they also raise their own fish in a fish farm!

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The brand has a point of sale in Bugis and another in Changi Village. They are able to sell affordable bowls of fish soup with good quality ingredients thanks to the connections of fish farmer extraordinaire Chew Kim Hwee (not pictured), the man behind King Grouper Fish Soup. Along with four other partners who helped found the business, Mr. Chew plans to open more stalls around Singapore this year.

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Their self-raised Giant Grouper takes center stage in the Grouper Fish Head Soup ($6/8), but they also use other types of fish contracted from vendors in their Grouper Fish Head Soup. red grouper ($8/10) and Batang sliced ​​fish soup ($6/8). Unfortunately their fried fish soup ($5/7) was not available the day we visited.

Like most fish soup stalls, you can choose to add carbs ($0.50) to your dish – thin bee hoon, thick bee hoon, mee sua, crispy noodles, and rice. Bitter gourd, tom yum ($0.50) and fish maw ($1) options are also readily available.

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For those of you who have a hard time going for the bones like me, go for the sliced ​​grouper fish soup ($6/8)! The piping hot bowl was loaded with thick slices of grouper, tomatoes, ginger, cilantro and fried shallots, along with a thin bee hoon as a carb choice.

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Made with giant grouper heads, mackerel bones and vegetables over an estimated three hours, the broth was light on the palate but had full-bodied flavors and the distinct scent of added fried shallots.

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The grouper flesh was slightly firm but had a delicate taste that contrasted well with the chewy skin of the grouper. Although the fish already tastes delicious on its own, I recommend dipping it in their homemade fermented bean paste chilli for a tangy and spicy flavor change!

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I also decided to try the seafood soup ($6/8), and there was a definite difference in the flavor of the broth. The cilantro flavor was more apparent and it felt slightly more concentrated overall compared to the sliced ​​grouper fish soup. That’s not to say it wasn’t good but I preferred the soup from the previous dish.

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Apart from the usual vegetables which were also present in the first fish soup, there were pieces of minced meatballs, soft tofu cubes and seafood. The seafood richness included firm batang fish which n It wasn’t too fishy, ​​chewy sotong, briny clams and sweet fresh prawns that were conveniently peeled with the head still in place.

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King Grouper Fish Soup gives you the opportunity to enjoy good quality fish and seafood for a flight! And with their plans to open more outlets around the island, we look forward to tasting their grouper soup again soon.

King grouper fish soup

Address: 261 Waterloo Street, #01-29, Singapore 1800261 (Bugis) | Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, #01-54, Singapore 500002

Call: 8222 6824

E-mail address: [email protected]

Opening hours: 8am to 8pm daily (Bugis) | 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday to Sunday (Changi Village).

Facebook: visited anonymously and paid for her own meal at the booth featured here.

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