Josh and Julie Niland’s latest venue, Fish Butchery Waterloo, opens this week

Josh and Julie Niland have announced that their fourth location, the second iteration of their Fish Butchery concept, will open this week. From Thursday, February 3, Fish Butchery Waterloo will offer diners another way to source Nilands’ magnificent fish and seafood, but it will also function as a centralized processing kitchen for their other venues, Charcoal Fish, Saint Peter and the original Fish Butchery in Paddington.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on Bourke Street will showcase fish butchers at work alongside a 13-meter-long marble counter. They will prepare, trim and cut seafood to order. And in a boon for those living in the Inner South, Niland’s much-loved takeaways — including yellowfin tuna cheeseburger and fish ‘n’ chips — will be on the menu.

Also available? Coral Trout Coronation Sandwiches; a banh mi of smoked scallops and mortadella with cod liver pâté, cod head terrine and pickled vegetables; a muffuletta with three fish charcuteries; and the Murray cod souvlaki made on an upright stove. Meat pies (filled with albacore tuna mince) and rosemary-garlic fish sausage rolls will be available to take away, as will frozen albacore tuna lasagna and Murray cod sticks.

Fresh seafood, Niland fish charcuterie and rock oysters will be available at retail. Fresh, dry-aged raw fish from sustainable anglers including Bruce Collis, Walker Seafoods, Luke Buchholz and Ben Collison can be taken home to be prepared. As with other sites in Nilands, sustainability, using fewer species and eating as much fish as possible is central to Fish Butchery’s philosophy.

“Our mission at Fish Butchery is to work with remarkable fish caught and handled by extraordinary anglers who care about the details as much as we do,” Josh and Julie Niland said in a statement. “By being scrupulous in the processing, storage and cooking variables of fish, a more responsible collective approach is achieved, which results in a higher level of fish on our plate.”

Fish Butchery will host private events for Niland and his team to share knowledge with bettors. And even if it will only be take-out when it opens, it will offer an on-site menu in the coming months.

Fish Butchery will open at 965 Bourke Street, Waterloo on February 3. It will be open Wednesday through Sunday for retail and takeout.

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