Illegal fish, hunting infractions:

The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following recent activity:


Officer Allgood received a trespassing complaint from a landowner. Officer Allgood met with the landowner to take the report. As he was speaking to the landowner, a golf cart arrived with a subject matching the intruder’s description. After a brief interview, Constable Allgood was able to determine that the individual was breaking in and setting steel traps on the landowner’s property. Officer Allgood also determined the intruder and his father
had each slaughtered a deer this year and none of the deer had been registered within the 24 hour period to obtain a confirmation number. Appropriate citations were issued for failure to obtain confirmation numbers for deer shot, setting steel traps without a permit, and trespassing on private property.

Officers responded to a hunting incident that occurred in McDavid. An individual was hunting hogs on private property when he put his gun against a tree. The weapon fell and discharged. The projectile hit the hunter in the nose and continued through his hat. He was able to walk to a nearby relative’s house and an ambulance was called. K-9 Officer Hutchison searched the area and was able to find the scene of the incident. FWC investigators documented the scene and collected evidence. Investigator Livesay will complete the investigation.

Over a three-week period, Agent Allgood assisted Alabama Marine Resources with Alabama commercial fishers who were bringing fish from Alabama to Florida and illegally selling them directly to local seafood vendors. Officer Allgood received a call from Alabama Marine Resources informing him that a vessel had been checked at a boat launch in Alabama with approximately 1,000 pounds of commercially harvested mullet. After the inspection, the officer followed the fisherman to the Florida border where Officer Allgood and Officer Manning were waiting. FWC officers followed the fisherman to his residence. The next morning, Officer Allgood and a NOAA officer followed the fisherman to a local seafood vendor and conducted an inspection. During the inspection, Constable Allgood located several freshwater fish as well as approximately 1,000 pounds of mullet which he was attempting to sell. After a short investigation and interview, the fisherman admitted to harvesting the fish in Alabama and said he knew it was illegal to bring them to Florida and sell them. While conducting his investigation, another commercial fisherman who was under investigation showed up at the company with approximately 500 pounds of mullet. After a short interview, he also admitted to catching the fish in Alabama and selling it in Florida. The two commercial fishermen returned to Alabama with their fish, and Alabama Marine Resources issued the appropriate citations.


Constable Lewis was on patrol when he passed a game meat processor and observed a subject standing beside a truck with a large cooler in the bed of the truck. Officer Lewis spoke with subject and asked if he was dropping off a deer. Subject said he was and when asked what kind of deer the subject had killed, he stated that it was a small deer. Officer Lewis observed a quartered deer in the cooler. The cooler was incorrectly labeled with the required hunter information, there was no sex identification available for the deer, and the subject did not report the deer in the harvest reporting system. FWC deer. Subject later admitted that the deer was a doe he had killed three days ago and showed a photograph of it to Officer Lewis. Officer Lewis observed a pile of corn next to the deer in the photo and found that the subject’s feeding station had not been maintained for six months before killing the deer on it, which is prohibited. Officer Lewis served the subject with a summons and was cited accordingly. The deer was seized.

Constables Jeter and Land were patrolling the Blackwater River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) when they encountered a hunter emerging from the woods. The hunter was parked on a closed road and he used a centerfire rifle during archery season and muzzleloaders. The hunter gave consent for officers to look inside his vehicle and drug paraphernalia was inside. The individual was cited for the violations. Officers Jeter and Land were patrolling the Blackwater River carrying out fishery inspections. They sighted a vessel with fishing rods deployed and made a stopover to inspect the fisherman’s catch. During a fisheries inspection, officers
located a spotted sea trout that is illegal to harvest during the month of February in the West Panhandle. The individual was cited for the offence.

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