Idaho Fish and Game Strategizes to Introduce ‘Super-Male’ Brook Trout

Idaho Fish and Game Strategizes to Introduce ‘Super-Male’ Brook Trout
By sydney

Posted: December 16, 2021

Brook trout is easy to love. They are prolific, aggressive and generally eager to catch a dry fly or well presented lure. Brookies thrive in high country lakes, beaver ponds and streams, where they are one of the easiest and most abundant species for anglers to target.

Ironically, it is precisely because of these traits that some fisheries managers and native fish advocates in the Western Rockies have come to hate the little buggers and are now looking for ways to eradicate them from certain watersheds. With this goal in mind, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game developed an experimental and innovative strategy involving the creation of a new type of brook trout. Biologists call it the “super-male” brook trout.

To learn more about this method of eradication by Dac Collins with, CLICK HERE.

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