GoodMills innovation takes the sensory qualities of alternative meat and fish to a “new level” with VITATEX textures – vegconomist

The German company GoodMills Innovation, which is part of the GoodMills group, the European leader in flour milling, presents VITATEX textures based on wheat, soy and peas, for fish and meat substitute products. The company says the textures are perfect for seafood products such as plant-based tuna, fish sticks, pan-fried or fried fish, and are ideal for the frozen food industry.

“Whether fish & chips, fish sticks or fish cakes, all of these specialties can be easily converted into a vegan form with VITATEX®,” explains the Hamburg-based company. In addition to applications in seafood alternatives, textures can be applied to meat products such as vegan patties, meatballs, Bolognese sauce, chicken nuggets, Viennese sausages or schnitzels.

© Good Mills Innovation

After working with wheat textures for around a decade, GoodMills Innovation claims to have succeeded in taking the sensory qualities of fish and meat substitutes to a new level through the use of new extrusion technology and the addition of soybeans and peas as raw materials.

“Our secret is the imitation of meat: we analyze the sensory profile of the original product in great detail, then reproduce it in a meatless form, using 100% natural and clean ingredients. Our results are so amazing that we convince even the most critical sensory panels. We are very proud of it, believe us!

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