Good Friday fish and chips in Cleethorpes sees long queues of hungry customers – in pictures

Locals, football fans and day-trippers enjoyed fish and chips in the sunshine at Cleethorpes, as is tradition on Good Friday.

It is considered a tradition to eat fish instead of meat on Good Friday because, according to Christians, Jesus sacrificed his flesh on that day. For centuries, therefore, Christians abstained from eating meat on Good Friday. This was a rule also established by the Vatican.

Fish are cold-blooded, so their meat is considered different from the meat of warm-blooded animals and safe to eat. The fish was also used as a secret symbol by Christians to identify themselves when their religion was temporarily banned.

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And in Cleethorpes, queues piled up outside all the restaurants and takeaways in the area as people lined up for their usual serving of battered delicacies this Easter bank holiday. The most popular seemed to be Seaway and Papas with people lining the streets ready to be served.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes have also seen a bumper stock of fish arrive this week with 225 tonnes of cod and haddock arriving at the docks, ensuring no one will miss out on Easter. Grimsby Live went to Cleethorpes to see what people were eating and how they were enjoying their day at the beach, take a look below to see if you can catch up.

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