Fishmonger Shares Ways to Cook Various Fish at SEA Aquarium for Family Day

Fishmonger Visiting SEA Aquarium Shares Ways to Cook Fish There

Being one of the largest aquariums in the worldit’s no wonder people flock to the SEA Aquarium to see its myriad of aquatic creatures.

According Resorts World Sentosait is home to over 100,000 marine animals in over 40 diverse habitats.

However, for a man, most of them are simply the catch of the day.

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When Pan, a fishmonger, visited the SEA Aquarium with his family, he used his professional experience to explain how to cook different types of fish there.

As a bonus, it even indicated the market price of each species per kilogram.

Fishmonger says all fish at SEA Aquarium look fresh

The tongue-in-cheek post was shared by Pan to Market Fresh’s Facebook page.

For context, Market Fresh is an online wet market co-founded by Pan in 2017, according to the Company Website.

Captioned “What happens when a fishmonger visits the SEA aquarium,” the post features more than a dozen aquatic species with ways to cook them and market prices.

Revealing his son’s wish to be a marine biologist, Pan cheekily adds that preserving aquatic creatures is not a priority for a fishmonger.

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While most SEA Aquarium visitors compliment the stunning displays, Pan remarked that the fish there looked “so fresh”.

A fishmonger recommends stingrays for barbecues

One of the species Pan values ​​is the famous stingray, which he values ​​at 16 Singapore dollars per kilogram (kg).

fishmonger SEA aquarium

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He also suggests it’s a “great” choice for barbecuing.

As simple as his caption is, Pan seems to already have at least one customer as a commentator asked him for 1kg of fish.

fishmonger SEA aquarium

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Pan then cleverly redirects the customer to the Market Fresh website.

A fishmonger wonders who would eat moray eels

Pan also encountered moray eels, which he claimed to have seen in wet markets before.

fishmonger SEA aquarium

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However, he wasn’t sure who would actually consume these peculiar-looking creatures.

This prompted a few commentators to explain how moray eels can be served.

One said he saw moray eels sold for S$22/kg at a wholesale market and they were usually used to make unagi dishes.

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Another said he thought moray eel was used for detoxification, while a third user said it could be made into fish balls.

Garden eels can be fried and used for soup according to the fishmonger

Moray eels weren’t the only eels on Pan’s list.

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He also gave his two cents to a colony of tiny garden eels.

The fish, which look like plants growing out of the ground, are usually fried and cooked in soup in China, according to Pan.

It is said that jellyfish are good for rojak

Jellyfish generally enchant those who see them due to their ethereal appearance.

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For Pan, however, he sees them as the perfect fish for rojak.

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This assessment caused confusion among Internet users, who asked if rojak really eaten with jellyfish.

Fishmonger Says Fresh Sea Cucumbers Look Like ‘Poop’

The most valuable of all the fish Pan saw was the sea cucumber.

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He revealed that the jerks could fetch hundreds of dollars.

As a tip for determining if a sea cucumber is fresh, Pan shared that it should look like poo. An unflattering, but perhaps valuable comparison.

Fishmonger deems divers worthless because they can’t be eaten

The fish weren’t the only ones to receive Pan’s criticism.

fishmonger SEA Aquarium

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Commenting on a diver, he deemed them worthless as they were not edible.

Netizens played along, some even inserting dark jokes about Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer known for his cannibalism.

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Fishmonger calls trip to SEA Aquarium ‘invaluable’

After all the ribbing on different species of fish, Pan ended his post on a sweet note by sharing a photo of his sons.

fishmonger SEA Aquarium

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In the caption, he wrote: “Spending the day with my family. Priceless,” placing time with family as the most precious of all.

Whether it’s making us laugh or warming our hearts, Pan’s message has certainly taken us on a roller coaster of emotions.

Kidding aside, spending quality time with loved ones is the most precious thing we can have, and it sure doesn’t hurt to have some light-hearted fun – and promote your business – while we’re at it. .

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