Fish sales are booming

Hyderabad: As observed by the state in Mrigasira Karthi, a time when Hindu devotees prefer to eat fish according to their age-old belief, the demand for fish surged in markets in the twin towns on Wednesday.

Eating fish is believed to cure respiratory disorders on this day. People were seen thronging fish markets in different parts of the city, including those in Ram Nagar, Begum Bazaar and Balkampet. Apart from these three major fish markets, retail stores selling fish saw strong sales while fish stalls in different parts of the city set up on the sidewalks also witnessed huge crowds.

Fish species including Rohu, Korra Matta, Bocha, Grass Carp and Tilapia were in high demand. While Bocha, Rohu and Gaddi Chepa were sold between Rs 100 and Rs 120 per kg, the price of Korra Matta varied between Rs 300 and Rs 400 per kg.

Ram Nagar fish market saw dozens of people crowding the market and coming out with bags full of fish. Usually, the largest amount of fish was sold on Sunday compared to other days of the week, but on Wednesday the attendance doubled due to Mrigasira Karthi,” a few vendors at the market said.

Another vendor said the demand for fish had increased since Tuesday itself. “A lot of people bought fish a day before Mrigasira Karthi. The average selling price of fish per kg was higher on Tuesday than on Wednesday,” said a vendor at Ram Nagar fish market.

“Every year we eat fish on this day. It is believed that eating fish on this day keeps people healthy,” Ranjesh said at the Begum Bazar market.

Another customer said every year that he ate fish on this occasion. “I strongly believe in this traditional practice that heals respiratory disorders and I want my future generations to follow it and carry this ritual forward,” Chandrasheker said.

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