Fish prices set to drop as weather at sea improves – ARAB TIMES

Obey the laws, anglers warn

KUWAIT CITY, March 15: The head of the Kuwait Fishermen’s Federation, Daher Al-Suwayan, said plentiful local fish should be available in the fish market, especially during the holy month of Ramadan as the weather continues to warm up – favorable conditions for anglers. Al-S uway-an said in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday that fishing in Kuwait’s territorial waters increases at this time of year when fish prices drop. He expects the prices of fish such as Nuwaibi, Al-Sha’am and Al-Shim to fall from their current prices. Speaking of Zubaidi, he said it is one of the delicacies on the Kuwaiti table and prices remain stable even though this variety of fish is available in abundance. Meanwhile, Al-Suwayyan called on fishermen to abide by the laws and rulings that regulate fishing in Kuwait’s territorial waters, especially regarding the seasons that impose a ban on fishing certain types of fish like Zubaidi. , prawns and mullet. to help the breeding process so that plenty of fish are available during their season and to help support food security efforts in the country.

He highlighted the availability of Baloul and Hamour, depending on the ability to hunt these varieties of fish which should be available in abundance in April due to the hot weather. He added that the availability of abundant fish at reasonable prices depends on several factors, including the degree of cooperation of the authorities concerned in the fishing sector, since they have solutions to the problems of the fishermen and the fishing sector. food and production in general.

Thus, the syndicate can supply the market with fish and seafood without interruption and without delay. He pointed out that the syndicate is responsible for ensuring food (fish) security by increasing production during the different seasons at prices accessible to all consumers, citizens and residents. He highlighted the efforts of the union to overcome the various challenges faced by fishermen through coordination and cooperation with relevant government institutions led by the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fishery Resources and other bodies responsible for to solve the problems and obstacles faced by fishermen in accordance with the laws. and in a manner that serves the public interest, (KUNA).

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