Fish prices down 20%, sales impacted for fishermen

CHENNAI: As many non-vegetarians become vegetarians and do not consume meat and seafood during the Tamil auspicious month of Puratasi. Only 50 percent of trawlers ventured out to sea, and fish arrivals and sales have declined at the Kasimedu fish market. With fewer takers, the price of fish was reduced by at least 20% on Sunday. Traders fear a lackluster sell-off through mid-October as rates hold steady.

“With the price of fuel remaining high and the month of Puratasi, very few boats ventured into the sea. The market received less than 10 tons of fish today, and we did not witness a Huge crowds and a demand for seafood this week. The market seemed deserted all day,” said MT Vishnu, a wholesaler at Kasimedu market.

A similar situation prevailed at Chindatripet market, where they received 50% of customers as demand and supply dwindled. However, the prices remained the same as the wholesale rates due to the lack of dynamic sales on the first Sunday of the Puratasi month.

“Already, business is very lackluster in the town, especially after the annual fishing ban period. As catches dwindled, arrival and sale dwindled at the Kasimedu fishing port. It is only at the end of the Puratasi month that fish sales will pick up in the market,” said Sheik Farhan, a retail trader at Chindatripet market.

Seer fish sold for Rs 900 per kg, black pomfret Rs 600 per kg, white pomfret Rs 900 per kg, red snapper Rs 250 per kg, prawns Rs 350 per kg, crab Rs 300 per kg and anchovies Rs 400 per kg.

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