Fast Food Fish: Here Are Your 2022 Lenten Options

The Lenten season is in full swing starting this week, and for those of you observing the holidays, it’s probably making you think about your daily eating habits a little more than normal.

Avoiding meat isn’t as difficult as it once was thanks to the rise of the plant-based food industry, which lets you order everything from an Impossible Whopper to Panda Express’ Orange “Chicken”.

But if you prefer to focus on fish for your Meatless Fridays because that’s what you’ve always done, or because you really appreciate any excuse to eat a solid fish sandwich deliciously drizzled with tartar sauce, this is completely understandable.

You have more options than ever to choose from this year if you need lunch at the drive-thru. So let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Good old Filet-O-Fish.

You won’t have to go fishing for options

Of course, when people think of fish fast food sandwiches, the Filet-O-Fish usually comes to mind.

After all, it was one of the first to appear in the wild, debuting in 1962 after battling McDonald’s. (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report Franchise owner Lou Groen pitched the idea to senior management after noticing that a competing restaurant was offering them nearby.

Although management wasn’t so sure about Groen’s idea, they decided to give it a try, contrasting its performance against another sandwich idea with a slice of pineapple replacing a typical flatbread.

To no one’s surprise, people felt like the latter was missing something, and the fish sandwich won the battle.

Today, it remains one of the best-selling dishes on the menu, with its highest sales recorded in March due to Lent. So McDonalds has Lou to thank for that (along with great ads like this).

If you’ve had enough Filet-O-Fish to last a lifetime, you can also pop over to a few other places for new deals.

Popeyes (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc report just launched its Cajun Flounder Fish sandwich last week, which you can order regular or spicy (although if you choose to go the spicy route, some Twitter users say you should proceed with caution).

Wendy’s (MAGNIFYING GLASS) – Get Wendy’s Company Report also announced a Crispy Panko Fish sandwich, which is a fillet of wild Alaskan pollock breaded with panko and topped with American cheese and dill tartar sauce.

Wendy’s has used cod in its previous fish sandwiches, but switched to pollock as it is said to come from the largest sustainable fishery in the world and is not overfished, which is very thoughtful indeed.

Del Taco (Tacos) – Get the Del Taco Restaurants, Inc. report. also offers fish dishes for the season, including a crispy Alaskan pollock taco a la Samuel Adams Boston Lager with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and a “secret sauce.” Order the burrito version to add homemade guacamole to the mix.

Other chains where you can find fish sandwiches include Burger King (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc reportLong John Silver’s (YUM) – Get yum! Report Brands, Inc.Whataburger, Jack in the box (JBX) Culver’s, Arby’s… the list goes on.

If only Lou Groen knew what shockwaves his once wacky fish sandwich idea would send through the industry.

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