European algae innovators gain more investment and traction

The Seaweed Company farm in Clew Bay, Ireland

© The Seaweed Company

With the funds, entrepreneurs can oversee the expansion of their seaweed farms and bring more seaweed products to the European market. This will result in a more positive impact in the field of sustainable agriculture and the food transition. This investment also means that The Seaweed Company and minority shareholder Colruyt Group will continue to join forces.

The Dutch start-up, founded in 2018, produces seaweed on its own farms in Ireland, Morocco, India and the Netherlands. It markets high-quality algae applications such as animal feed supplements, food products and biostimulants, natural products that positively influence crop growth, quality and resistance.

kelp being pulled out of the water
Colruyt Group’s latest investment will help the company expand its seaweed farming activities

© The Seaweed Company

After successful tests with entrepreneurs and agricultural companies in the Netherlands and abroad, algae products have been marketed under the concepts “blue agriculture” and “blue health” since 2021. After the success From these early concepts, Colruyt Group’s investment – ​​the third and largest investment to date for The Seaweed Company – will be used to significantly expand the business in the years to come.

Seaweed products for Europe

The Seaweed Company aims to be a leading player in the industry to bring seaweed as an ingredient on the menu of farmers, consumers and businesses in Europe. Within the framework of the blue health concept, products are developed that contribute to the health and well-being of people and that support the transition to sustainable food.

Algae can be a positive solution for nature to the various social challenges that arise today. Colruyt Group, a Belgian family business that attaches great importance to sustainable entrepreneurship, is also aware of this and has therefore been a shareholder of The Seaweed Company since 2019.

SeaEO Joost Wouters said: “We are extremely proud that Colruyt Group is further expanding its minority stake to 21% and that we can continue to work on expanding our platform with this business partner with deep market knowledge. Our products and concepts are already proven and therefore we are ready to evolve our business in all aspects and further increase our execution power. Combining our algae knowledge and expertise with the strengths of others, like those of Colruyt Group, allows us to take important steps in the field of sustainable agriculture and food applications.

Strategic partnerships

Stefan Goethaert, head of agricultural policy at Colruyt Group, confirms that The Seaweed Company and Colruyt Group go hand in hand. “At Colruyt Group, we see a lot of potential in algae. It is extremely versatile and can be used in food, feed, fertilizer and even as an alternative to plastic in packaging. As a group, we want to take responsibility for producing meat in a more environmentally friendly way and making animal feed more sustainable plays an important role in this. At the same time, we are constantly looking for ways to make our packaging more sustainable. We are therefore investing in The Seaweed Company because we are convinced that they can provide sustainable solutions in various sectors, from agriculture to packaging, thanks to their expertise in the development of innovative seaweed products.

group photo
The Algae Company team

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For The Seaweed Company, establishing reliable, environmentally and socially responsible seaweed industries is the most important starting point. The Seaweed Company has the network, expertise and experience to put seaweed on the map and at the same time achieve a lasting impact. In the coming years, the focus will be on growing seaweed sustainably on their own or partner farms and accelerating the deployment and commercialization of blue agriculture and blue health products.

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