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K Tanzeel Zaman

ANN/THE DAILY STAR – In just 15 minutes, you can throw everything into the pan where the fish is cooked with a creamy lemon sauce.

This recipe can be made no matter how busy your day or your home, because it’s that simple; combine the butter, cream, garlic, mustard and lemon; pour over fish; and cook – no flipping required.

And out comes those tender baked fish fillets with a lovely lemon cream sauce that is perfect with any white meat fish.

Many naysayers might describe the idea of ​​baked fish with the words pale, colorless, and bland. However, this one is going to be an explosion of flavors on your palate!

At first, the simple sauce may seem a bit mediocre when you mix it all together, but once it’s cooked on the hot bed of the baking dish, the fish juices mix into it and turn into an amazing sauce. It’s like making a sauce with real homemade fish stock.

Despite the name of the recipe which implies that the sauce is rich but in fact, it is not! Once cooked, you will feel a rather light and fresh taste, but a little creamy. For those who like to mop up leftover sauce with bread or top with mashed potatoes, there will be plenty!

Not a lot!

– Fillet of white fish. Any fairly flat white fish fillet is fine, about two centimeters thick or less. Thicker, and the fish will take longer to cook, which will thicken the sauce too much, so you’ll need to dilute it with a little water.

– Onion. Use the white part of the green onions as a sub, or a very finely chopped normal onion.

– Dijon mustard as a sauce thickener. Can accompany other non-shabby mustards.

– Garlic as it is in almost everything in my world!

– Cream. Use heavy/thickened cream if you can, to help with the consistency of the sauce.

– Butter. Just a tablespoon. There is no substitute!

– Lemon or lime would work in an emergency situation.

– Olive oil. Splash just enough on the empty dish before arranging the fish.

– Salt, pepper, paprika. A pinch or two is enough, depending on your taste.

– Spring or green onion – Use for garnish (optional)

Drizzle and brush the baking dish with a tablespoon of olive oil. Add enough onion slices as a bed for the fish. Season the fish fillets properly with salt, pepper and paprika and place the fillets on the dish.

Now comes the sauce, add the butter, Dijon mustard, minced garlic, cream, lemon juice, salt, pepper and paprika. Heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds.

Pour everything over the fillet that rests on the dish and put it in your electric oven for 15 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius!

Add chopped green onions as garnish once you take the dish out.

Dinner is on the table in just 15 minutes. Tender and juicy fish with a creamy lemon sauce. A truly fantastic way to bake fish – it tastes so good!

You can try it with sides like mashed potatoes, garlic or steamed rice or even just plain lettuce salads.

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