Dutch tofu pioneer SoFine will ‘take vegan fish sticks to the next level’ – vegconomist

The new SoFish sticks that SoFine is about to launch at Rewe and Edeka in Germany were apparently rated as the tastiest compared to two other vegan alternatives in blind tests, with testers praising the taste and similarity to the real fish, the crispy crust and the consistency.

Multi-market deployment

Jessica Zomerdijk, Commercial Director at SoFine, reveals: “After Germany, we plan to successfully launch the new SoFish sticks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.


SoFish sticks are rich in protein, contain omega 3 from flaxseed oil, valuable fibres, vitamins B2, B12, D, iron and zinc, awarded with a Nutriscore A rating.

SoFine produces, in addition to its tofu products, meat substitutes, meatballs and vegetable burgers and schnitzels, as well as a chicken substitute. In a previous tofu innovation in 2020, the Dutch company launched a line of SoCheeze cubes, an alternative to feta cheese, in Mediterranean herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and mixed olive varieties.

“We are very proud of our new SoFish sticks,” adds Zomerdijk. “With our popular SoFish Burger and our innovative SoFish Salmon Fillet, we already had a lot of experience in developing plant-based alternatives to fish. We were able to build on that and take vegan fish sticks to the next level. »

More information: www.sofine.eu

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