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We headed to the ATV Library and delved into the 1980s EastEnders Annuals to pay tribute to Dr. Legg.

Doctor Harold Legg was a regular in Albert Square for the first twelve years of EastEnders, and returned several times after his practice closed for the last time. Brought back to life by the late great Leonard Fenton, who passed away this weekend.

Dr. Legg was there to advise, diagnose and support his patients, ranging from Ethel Skinner to Mark Fowler.

In the 1987 BBC TV ‘EastEnders Special’ fans of the show have been gifted meals of the characters, so as a tribute to Doctor Legg, we can now all make our own “stuffed fish”.

Cooking with Legg, the original feature from 1987.

Gefilte fish

In Dr. Legg’s very strict Jewish household, Gefilte fish was always a Friday night treat.

This very tasty delicacy can be used as a main course or as an appetizer. This recipe is enough to make a meal for four people.

Gefilte fish is translated from Yiddish “stuffed fish.” It is known as such that the dish is made with ground fish meat, breadcrumbs, eggs and vegetables, then was traditionally stuffed into the skin of a whole fish. But don’t worry, Harold Legg doesn’t want you to go that far…

2 lbs of fish – a mixture is best: white fish, such as carp, haddock, cod and whiting: rich fish, such as herring, mackerel, bream (only use about 1/2 lb of rich fish.)

1 carrot.

3 medium sized onions.

2 teaspoons of salt.


3 tablespoons matzo flour or white breadcrumbs.

1 teaspoon of sugar.

2 eggs.

Ask the fishmonger to fillet and skin the fish, but take the bones, head and skin. (But ask to also keep the bones, head and skin separately (to make the broth.)

1 – Wash the fish.

2 – Prepare and slice the carrot and onion.

Put fish bones, head, skin, carrot and 1 onion, 1 teaspoon salt and shake preferred amount of pepper in a saucepan and cover with a lid. Bake for about 20 minutes.

3 – Beat the eggs in a bowl.

4 – Mince/grind the fish flesh with the other two onions, as well as the breadcrumbs (if used). Mix with salt, pepper, sugar, beaten eggs and matzo flour (if using).

5 – With wet hands, shape the mixture into 14-16 balls and place them in the fish stock. Simmer gently for an hour, or longer if needed.

Remove the fish balls from the broth, place them on a plate and decorate with slices of cooked carrots. Strain broth, refrigerate and serve on the side.

Who needs Jamie Oliver, when you can have such a delight like this…

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