Candidates make final campaign push days before Election Day

(WFSB) – The November elections are just four days away.

Across the state, candidates are making their final campaign stops.

Many Democrats gathered at Eastern Connecticut State University on Friday.

The argument they came up with is to get young people to vote on election day.

Many students live in other states or cities and do not always register to vote.

There is still time. Students can go to their town hall on election day and vote.

There is a lot at stake in this election and every vote counts.

Whether it’s her reproductive freedom or climate change, these are issues that matter to young voters and they have a voice.

“If young people don’t show up to vote next Tuesday, this is all on the table, we can’t afford to go back,” said State Sen. Mae Flexer (D-Willimantic).

Governor Lamont joined other Democratic leaders.

“I know things are in jeopardy, things are in jeopardy in this country, and I can’t do this without each of you,” Lamont said.

Polls show Lamont ahead of Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski and in the final hours, Lamont is reaching out to those young voters.

Matt Coutinho is a freshman at Eastern.

“I’m already registered, I registered in August for the primaries,” Matt said.

“Do you find that many students have already registered? News asked an eyewitness.

“I think it all depends on your level of political activity, but if you’re more politically active, I think most kids have already signed up,” Matt said.

Young people are enrolling in large numbers. The secretary of state office said that so far more than 136,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 22 have already registered to vote.

Republicans were on shore Friday.

“I thought Roe v Wade was settled law. I thought gay rights and gay marriage were here forever. I thought we were finally going to get rid of these assault weapons once and for all, it all comes back the other way,” Lamont said.

“Most people don’t feel like Connecticut is where it needs to be, if we want to change Connecticut, we need to change governors,” Stefanowski said.

He and Laura Devlin, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, were in East Lyme speaking to voters at Flanders Fish Market and Restaurant.

“We’ve been in every corner of the state, and every place in between and whatever political party or demographic people are saying the same thing, it’s time for a change,” Devlin said.

For voters, these are some of the questions most important to them.

“Women’s right to their bodies, to choose what they want to do with their own bodies and police forces need to be given more recognition,” said Gary Adams of Glastonbury.

“Taxes, because I own here. So it’s important to me. It’s like checking for tax increases every year. The schools, that’s one of the reasons we moved to East Lyme because they have a really good school system, we need to maintain that,” said Sandor Virag from East Lyme.

Republicans will have a big rally on Saturday in Wallingford. The guest speaker is former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This event will take place at United Concrete and will begin at 10am.

Candidates present their final arguments to voters

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