Bobby Fish challenges CM Punk to a kickboxing bout

– During the latest edition of his Undisputed podcast, former AEW wrestler Bobby Fish confirmed his free agency status, and he also challenged CM Punk to a kickboxing bout. Here are some highlights (via Fightful):

Bobby Fish on allowing Tony Khan to kickbox a fight: “Actually, since May, I’ve tried to get Tony Khan to sit down with me no less than five times asking permission to do a kickboxing fight. It’s actually something I’ve talked about with other people in the company, but I was never able to corner Tony. In Tony’s defense, he’s a busy man, especially on TV days. That’s how it is. I wanted permission to make a fight. I couldn’t go with Tony. Now, it’s no secret, I don’t need anyone’s permission at this point.

His reaction to an altercation after CM Punk got into a fight with the Young Bucks after All Out: “I’m going to have fun. Let’s make it a formal invitation to Phil [CM Punk]. I am downstairs. If that’s the direction he wants to go, he can choose the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago. It can be boxing, kickboxing, MMA. You can do this with your bare hands. Anything that sounds good to Phil. He can choose the weight, the location, let’s make it official. Phil, let’s go! »

On CM Punk kicks: “They are atrocious. You heard on the sheets, he came out throwing tedders, he didn’t come out throwing kicks. He doesn’t hit anyone with it.

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