Birds Eye expands its range of fish substitutes

Birds Eye is expanding its Green Cuisine line with the rollout of a new “Battered Fishless Filets” variant.

Rich in omega 3s and protein, Green Cuisine’s new Batterless Fish Fillets recreate the brand’s most popular frozen fish SKU – Birds Eye Batter Fish Fillet – using a plant-based format. The product is high in rice protein and uses the same crispy coating used on its signature breaded fish.

Battered Fishless Fillets (2pcs / RSP £3) are available in Tesco stores now and will be rolled out to wider grocery stores in the summer.

Victoria Westwood, Senior Brand Manager at Birds Eye Green Cuisine, said: “Our battered fish-free fillets respond to consumer demand for products that can help them reduce meat consumption while ensuring flavor, health and convenience. Following the success of Fishless Fingers, they offer a range of nutritional benefits, such as being a source of Omega 3 which plays an important role in maintaining heart health.

Birds Eye already has a 46% share in the non-fish category, and with frozen fish being the largest frozen category, with a 13.6% share of total frozen product sales, there is a huge opportunity for the fish-free category to also grow in popularity and buyers. . The emerging fish-free sector brings in £2million in total grocery sales. Birds Eye Fishless Fingers is worth £630,000, the leading SKU in the fish substitutes space.

Birds Eye seeks to amplify the fishless segment within the meatless category, building on the success of Fishless Fingers which helped Birds Eye Green Cuisine increase household penetration from 9.1% of the population in 2021 to 9.8% of the population in 2022.

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