Asia Mall opens in Eden Prairie

Asia Mall, Eden Prairie’s new pan-Asian mall, is still in a soft opening phase as it debuts in the western suburbs. But that didn’t stop throngs of people in search of steaming hot pot, fresh seafood and tropical produce, and sweet bubble tea from pouring through its doors on Sunday, November 20. A grand opening was originally scheduled for Sunday, but mall officials pushed him away, extending the damped opening. Still, there was a sense of inescapable celebration and fun as people shopped and dined during the weekend.

Not all of Asia Mall’s vendors are up and running yet – CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog and Snowbing Korean Shaved Ice, for example, are still under construction. But many of the mall’s flagship restaurants were open for service this weekend. On the first floor, Hometaste Hong Kong Cuisine displayed whole roast ducks. Waiters rushed around Pho Mai, serving fragrant bowls of pho tai and plates of bun nem nuong, while just outside a line of people waited to buy boxes of mochi donuts from Bober Tea & Mochi Dough, Dinkytown’s new staple food sister company.

At the market, the shelves of Korean pears, peony grapes and Hami melons were well chosen, and shoppers loaded their carts with frozen dumplings, packets of dried Thai plums and shrimp snacks, venturing onto the seafood market for whole and live fish. blue crabs. Upstairs, people lined up for Hot Pot City, Uni Uni Bubble Tea, Legendary Spice Chinese Kitchen & Bar, and Dosirak, a place for Korean barbecue and bibimbap.

Asia Mall was run by broker Marshall Nguyen, who as Sahan Diary reports, was inspired to create a one-stop shop for Asian groceries and restaurants in the Twin Cities. Although the metro is home to other great markets for shopping and eating – such as Hmongtown Marketplace and Hmong Village, Original Karen Market, United Noodles and Ha Tien Super Market, among others – Asia Mall is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities, taking inspiration from pan-Asian malls and markets that are especially popular on the west coast. As bring me the news reports, another Asian supermarket and food hall are planned for Burnsville next year.

Asia Mall has yet to announce a date for its official opening, but keep an eye out for its instagram Where Facebook pages for updates. In the meantime, grab free tickets to visit during the soft opening phase here — and take a look at these scenes from the weekend.

Hot Pot City

Hot Pot City is on the second floor of Asia Mall.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

A buffet of fresh vegetables with a shelf covered in white plates.

The hot pot buffet.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

Boba by Uni Uni Bubble Tea

A person dressed in black puts the lid on a large orange drink.  Also on the counter are two tall drinks with boba and lychee red, and a smaller green drink.

The baristas worked non-stop at the bubble tea counter over the weekend.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

Mochi Donuts from Bober Tea & Mochi Dough

White mochi donuts topped with fruity pebbles and other mochi donuts topped with green icing in the background.

Some shoppers waited over an hour to buy a box of mochi donuts.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

Pho May

The spring rolls sit on a bed of rice noodles, grated carrots and peanuts.

Vegetarian eggrolls and noodles from Pho Mai.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

A person carries a tray with a dish of pork and rice, banh mi and spring rolls.

A Pho Mai spread.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

A family sits at a long table eating together.

Members of the Li, Xing, and Zhou families dine together at Pho Mai.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

The mall itself

The exterior of Asia Mall: two brick pillars flank glass doors and windows, and a tall singsong arch points

Asia Mall resides in an old mountain in Gander.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

The interior of the mall, with a balcony surrounding the second floor and a large open space on the first floor with many cashiers and shoppers.

A view of the market from the second floor.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

Asian market 88

Large areas of frozen items and shoppers crowd around the shelves of Asian Mart 88.

Shoppers in the frozen section of Asian Mart 88.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

An array of orange persimmons.

Persimmons in the produce section.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

Fresh blue crabs stacked on top of each other.

Fresh blue crabs.
Tim Evans / Eating Twin Cities

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