AMAC: Candido puts the Apo market into operation, lays the foundations in Jiwa

A week before his handover date as Chairman of the Abuja City Council (AMAC), Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido on Thursday laid the groundwork for the construction of Sarki Idris Community Market in Jiwa, Federal Capital Territory.

According to the developer, Dan Isa Property and Construction Limited, the market, named after the head of Jiwa, HRH Dr HRH (Dr) Idris Musa, is expected to have 527 shops, including closed shops, restaurants, toilets, among others.

Candido has also commissioned a block of 70 stores developed by Dan Akibo Nigeria Limited at the modernized Apo Fish Market in Apo Resettlement Area, under AMAC.

Speaking at the foundation laying ceremony of Sarki Idris community market in Jiwa, Candido called on the developer to speed up the project; so community members can start enjoying their own marketplace and not travel far to shop.

“It is a purely community market that is supposed to meet the basic needs of the population on a daily basis. Although we have a 24 month agreement, I hope the developers will speed up the construction of the market. I may not be in position to commission the project, but I will be happy to witness the commissioning of the project by the new administration.

“Abuja is growing day by day, so the need for specific names for markets and other projects cannot be overemphasized. The signage for this market should be redesigned by the developer and the commune. It needs to be strategically positioned for passers-by to see and know. Sarki Idris Jiwa Community Market is my favorite name for the new market,” he said.

While also speaking during the commissioning of the upgraded Apo fish market, Candido promised to convey to the incoming administration a request from the promoter for a transformer and waste disposal truck to be provided on the market.

“AMAC is indebted to the developer for his patriotism in obtaining funds to deliver the structures. The prayers of the traders are needed for the incoming administration to succeed. I am sure the incoming administration will be able to complete the next phase of the project, so that we can have an adequate place of exchange.

“This contract will be handed over to the next administration. A waste disposal system is required. I will mention this to the president-elect so that he can act accordingly. The issue of electricity supply will also be taken up by the new president, so that traders can benefit from a constant supply of electricity. More importantly, traders must ensure that the revenue generation expected by the AMAC is achieved,” he said.

Regarding the reconstruction of a section of the market which was destroyed by fire two years ago, Candido said that the council had considered the question of the reconstruction of the market, but that he would refer the matter to the new administration to take care of it so that the traders concerned can resume their activities.

“The Works department is better placed to define where we are in rebuilding the market. The Council took action last year to alleviate the suffering of traders. Be that as it may, the government always lives up to its responsibility. Since I am leaving, this will also be noted so that the incoming administration continues to supplement the services of the people,” he said.

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