Aldi shoppers are impressed with this thrifty meat and fish transport

U/atomicturkey27 took to Reddit to celebrate their impressive harvest, posting a photo of six packs of tilapia fillets and two packs of ground pork with the caption, “It finally happened to me…4.5 lbs of tilapia and 2 lbs of pork for $11.50!” Other Aldi fans were quick to praise them for their sobriety. “It’s beautiful! Congratulations!” u/Fuhgedaboutit1 replied, while u/Throwaway_Double_87 clapped, “Posts like this are my favorite! Congratulations!” The user explained that the best before date for these items was next day which is why they were able to get them at such a big discount, saying, “I had to leave 2 packs of fish and countless packs pork since our freezer is so full!”

Other Aldi shoppers responded asking for advice on how they could get such savings for themselves. Unfortunately, however, there doesn’t appear to be a standardized system for determining when Aldi marks its meats and other perishables. It seems to be up to each store manager to decide when to start lowering the price. So shoppers hoping to grab a big discount themselves will just need to keep a close eye out for products that may be expiring soon and be ready to stock up when they see the red discount stickers on their favorite items. And it’s also probably a good idea to make room in your freezer.

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