“Adapt or die. Small businesses hit hard by rising gas prices on Long Island

Long Island small business owners say their stores are being hit hard by the recent spike in gas prices.

Sayville Pizza on Main Street has been serving authentic Italian cuisine to customers for nearly 60 years. However, owner Michael Ellison says his profits have recently been sliced ​​because food distributors charge more to deliver his supplies. Plus, delivery drivers have to pay more at the pump, which could drive prices up even more.

“We are going to have to pay them more. People don’t tip extra, it’s the same tip, but gas prices are higher, so we have to deal with those drivers,” Ellison says.

Many other Sayville businesses on Main Street say they are also feeling the pressure. Frank Palermo, owner of Claws Seafood Market, says not only has the cost of transporting fish to the store gone up, but so has the cost of petroleum-based packaging. The market started selling beef and chicken to provide cheaper options for customers.

“The cost of polystyrene containers, plastic…we’re looking at a 38-40% increase across the board,” Palermo says. “Adapt or die.”

Blue Boutique owner Tara Farrell says prices at her store have been hit by rising gas prices.

“We just looked at shipping costs and they’re going up at least 20%,” she says.

Farrell says she is working hard to cut costs, but she never thought fuel prices would affect her business so quickly. She says she hopes customers will understand.

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