A fishmonger drops anchor in the Pratt Pullman neighborhood this fall

Although the actual numbers are a bit difficult to calculate, the conventional wisdom — without forgetting the National Restaurant Association – suggests that one in three restaurants fail in the first year of operation. In response, Fishmonger, the Poncey-Highland fish market, raw bar and restaurant that opened just four months ago, has decided to double down, preparing its second location in the arts and culture center. booming entertainment, Pratt Pullman District, with intentions to launch in October.

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Writing on their official Instagram page earlier this afternoon (August 19), Fishmonger explained, “We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a second location,” adding, “This historic building has been beautifully renovated and we are now in the space putting our touches on things. Get ready for a large patio, raw bar, beer, wine and cocktails.”

Co-owner Skip Engelbrecht did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The excitement surrounding the new location is evident by the 764 likes – at the time of writing – the announcement post on Instagram had garnered within an hour. Likewise, he echoes the same excitement just three weeks after Fishmonger’s debut in April, when Eater Atlanta wrote“The hype around Fishmonger is electric, validated by the stories piling up on the Marketplace’s Instagram feed,” captioned “Fishmonger Is What the Seafood Scene in Atlanta Needed.”

Fishmonger’s success could be summed up by the fact that its captains – if you’ll excuse the pun – Skip Engelbrecht and Nhan Le were seasoned veterans of Atlanta’s F&B scene before opening their seafood joint at success, having exploited 8ARM and Octopus Bar.

On the other hand, it could be down to Engelbrecht and Le’s business acumen, as the duo prophesied their restaurant’s reputation early on, when Engelbrecht claimed in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the ‘overall concept would’ kill Atlanta. Nobody else really does that here.

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